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Patient Resources

Help prepare for your upcoming visit.

Office Intake Forms

Below are links to our patient intake forms, both for general contact information as well as insurance.  We also provide access to our medical history intake form.  If you wish to complete these forms prior to your visit, it will help speed up your intake process to see the physician.

Click here to download our office intake packet to print and fill out prior to your visit.

Information about Health Insurance

Washington Neurosurgical Associates accepts and participates with Medicare, but we are out-of-network providers for commercial insurance plans. (WNA does participate with some Worker's Compensation carriers, as well as some attorneys offices for care on assignment).  Being out-of-network (or non-participating providers) means that WNA does not allow insurance companies to arbitrarily set reimbursement rates for our services.  The majority of private insurance plans do in fact have out-of-network coverage and will make payment for services rendered by out-of-network providers.  Your insurance provider can provide you with an explanation of benefits that describes exactly what your insurance plan covers for an out-of-network provider.


How does this work for office visits?

If you have commercial health insurance, before you leave the office we will provide you with a coded-receipt and instructions to allow you to submit to your insurance carrier, so that they will then reimburse you directly based upon your plan’s out of network benefits.

How does this work if I need to have surgery?
For a surgical procedure, we will meet with you and go over the surgical codes and fees associated with your surgery. We will provide you with all the information you need to interact with your insurance carrier to determine what your insurance coverage is for that surgery. And for surgical procedures, we will submit charges to the insurance carrier and allow processing and payment before requesting payment from you.

For all of these scenarios, our office staff will work with you to make sure that you have all the information needed to interact with your health insurance provider and to have full financial transparency prior to undergoing any surgical treatment.

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